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Coastal Creations & Framing

Nautical Signal Flag Letters

Ships use International Signal Flags at sea, to spell out short messages,

used individually or in combination, each with a special meaning.

Also used to dress a ship for ceremonial and festive occasions

These are printed postcards w/ a glossy finish and measure 5.5" x 8.5"

Perfect for initials, first or last names, boat names, cottage names, favorite places, etc.

mail them,     frame them,     use them for collages

$2.50 each

Your favorite name/place could also be customized and antiqued onto 6" x 6" blocks of wood for $14.95 per letter.

  • To be hung separately with a tooth hanger on the back of each one
  • or have them mounted onto a white-washed board for an extra $14.95.

Nautical Flag Art

Postcard w/ letters of the alphabet & Skull & Crossbones

Nautical Flag Art


Postcard w/ this phrase using Nautical Flag letters.